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India Ranks Fourth in Global Military Spending for 2023: SIPRI Report

The recent defense budget ranking of India has moved from third to fourth place globally. With defense budgets exceeding $100 billion, India now ranks fourth in the world. The question now is when India will enter this group. An article from 2022 states that India’s defense budget, at $76.6 billion, was the third largest in the world. However, in 2024, Russia’s defense expenditure has increased so much that India has now reached the fourth rank. Even India’s global military spending has reached up to $83.6 billion.

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A full report on how much countries worldwide are spending on their defense budgets has been published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. However, the point of doing this is to see which country is spending how much on defense. It’s important to note that global defense budgets have reached a record high, totaling $2440 billion. This is a significant amount, and historical data shows that continuous consistent global military spending has been increasing rapidly. This indicates that a major war may be imminent. Whether it will be World War 3 or not is uncertain, but future events might unfold significantly. In the coming time, the unanswered question arises: Is India ready for what lies ahead?

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Considering the total defense budget of India, which stands at almost $1000 billion, India’s defense budget is now 110 in comparison. Looking at other countries, Japan ranks 10th with total military spending reaching up to $50 billion, followed by Israel at 15th place with a defense budget of $27 billion. Pakistan’s military spending is $8.5 billion, making it 110 in comparison to India. Economic problems affect military expenditure, and in some cases, countries spend much less on defense. For example, Taiwan’s defense budget is higher than Turkey’s. Military spending has been increasing worldwide since 2009, with all continents, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Oceanian region, experiencing rapid growth. However, geographical differences often lead to different types of conflicts. In all these geographical locations, defense expenditure is increasing at a record-breaking speed. India also needs to increase its defense expenditure to keep up with global trends. It is required because, currently, most of India’s defense budget is spent on pensions and salaries.

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The modernization of defense forces requires more expenditure on capital. Therefore, India needs to allocate an extra $100 billion for defense to meet this requirement. The headlines indicate that Russia is in war mode, and their defense budget will increase. India needs to follow global trends. If India lags behind, India will invite problems. Many countries adopt this approach, reducing their defense budgets and hoping no one will attack them. India might adopt a similar approach for 5 to 10 years, as many countries have done.

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