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5 Habits of Mentally Strong People

Do you know what being mentally strong is called?
It’s a story of Thomas Alva Edison.In 1994, Thomas Alva Edison’s factory was completely destroyed by fire, causing a devastating loss of 23 million US dollars. Even a prototype they had been working on for years was also destroyed in the fire. After knowing the whole situation, Thomas Alva Edison’s reaction is what we call mental toughness. Instead of being disheartened, he said, “Thank God all the mistakes I have made so far have been burned away. It’s good. Now I can start afresh.” Mental toughness is a significant quality in a person. It means being able to handle oneself even in the worst of times and maintaining a positive approach. However, the fact remains that nobody starts off mentally strong. Just as a good diet and regular exercise make you physically strong, there are habits that can make a mentally weak person mentally strong. In this article, we will talk about some habits of mentally strong people, so let’s start.
Thomas Edison

An eagle is a bird that can live up to 70 years, but to survive until that age, it has to make a very difficult decision. Because after living for 40 years, an eagle’s talons are no longer suitable for hunting prey easily. Its talons become weak and less agile, and its sharp and long beak also becomes quite dull. Additionally, its wings become so heavy that flying becomes difficult. At the age of 40, this is the time when an eagle has only two options: either it dies in the same manner or it accepts a very painful change process. In an eagle’s life, this process lasts for 150 days. For this process, the eagle has to go to the top of a mountain and sit there, striking its beak against a stone until it falls off, and after the beak falls off, an eagle waits for its new beak to grow. When the new sharp and strong beak emerges, it then plucks out its old thick feathers with its talons, waiting again for the new feathers to grow. After these incredibly painful 150 days, an eagle embarks on a new journey of life, starting to live the remaining 30 years of its life, meaning it has to accept a painful change to survive, and remember, when it rains, all birds seek shelter somewhere, but an eagle, being a solitary bird, does not seek to escape the rain; instead, it flies above the clouds. That’s why a mentally strong person also embraces every difficult change and accepts it, passing through that chain and making themselves stronger. There is no need to fear the chain.

Virat Kohli's gym transformation: one side July 2016, other side 2019 progress.


Remember the last time when you had to do something that messed up your entire schedule, and later you regretted not refusing that task? Perhaps if you had refused, you could have completed your other important tasks properly. If this often happens to you, then maybe you’re not mentally strong enough, because a mentally strong person knows their boundaries, meaning they know their line of control. They know when to say no to a task and when to say yes, what conversations they need to be a part of, and which ones they don’t. They know what to eat and what not to. A mentally strong person is well aware of all these things, meaning they are very selective.


Virat Kohli's gym transformation: one side July 2016, other side 2019 progress.

People who understand human psychology know very well that sacrifice builds resilience, resilience builds strength, strength builds power, and power builds purpose. A perfect example of this is Virat Kohli. In 2017, I read an article that mentioned how much of a big foodie Virat Kohli used to be, loving dishes like butter chicken and mutton rolls. But today, his diet is such that he doesn’t even put sugar in his coffee, let alone indulge in butter chicken and mutton rolls. Discipline and sacrifice are major elements of his life. Friends, no goal can be achieved without sacrifice. Whether it’s sacrificing bad addictions, junk food, or social life, sacrifice is necessary. Mentally strong people never shy away from making sacrifices.


If you think Elon Musk is someone who achieves success by keeping every plan in mind, you might be mistaken. Regarding the plans for SpaceX, he gave an interview where he said, “I want to be able to make sure that we have enough capital to survive at least 3 consecutive failures.” If you understand this carefully, his thought process clearly explains that being mentally strong doesn’t just mean preparing for success; rather, being mentally strong means being equally open and prepared for failures.

 Habit 5 (SELF LOVE)

Once I saw a guy in the office who was physically very attractive and had a different glow on his face. I thought maybe he’s a new joiner who has recently completed college and started his corporate life. Then, as usual, my day began and according to the schedule, I had to attend a meeting. In that meeting, the guy was already sitting, and when I saw him again in the meeting room, I was a bit confused. But then my manager announced that for this meeting, we have invited a guest who will provide us with process-related advice, and that guest is the director of a business unit. And guess who that director was? The young-looking guy. After I had a conversation with that director, he told me that he handles a critical business unit and his schedule remains packed. But until he first works on his physical and mental health in the morning, he doesn’t start his other work of the day. For him, his days start with the practice of self-love. And practicing self-love not only improves your self-esteem but also greatly enhances your overall mental health. So, it’s also a very important habit to become mentally strong. These were some qualities observed in mentally strong individuals.


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